JohnNorum’s Unofficial Pages runs since 2001. This is a fansite and not the official one. For a long time johnnorum.net has been a point of reference for fans around the world and it’s at moment the second most important site dedicated to John and his extraordinary career.

In 2010, in the same time Playyard Blues was released, JohnNorum.net collaborated with the official website to organize and handle the first official contest. The contest was a success and we all hope to repeat the event in the near future.

Now it’s time to go ahead. In 2013 site has been completely restyled to offer a more simple but modern look and feel. 2013 will see a new John’ solo record, coming this fall.

What about this site? New ideas and improvements are on the way. Stay with us, follow us. JohnNorum.net is also on facebook, twitter and blogspot, for a 360 degrees experience!