Secret Society

  1. Secret Society 

    Secret Society (2007)
    Secret Society (2007)
  2. Always the pretenders
  3. The getaway plan
  4. Wish i could believe
  5. Let the children play
  6. Human after all
  7. Love is not the enemy
  8. A mother’s son
  9. Forever travelling
  10. Brave and beautiful soul
  11. Devil Sings the blues

Japanese edition incluse a bonus track: “Start From the dark (live)”

Line up:

  • Joey Tempest – vocals, guitars, Pro Tools programming and additional engineering
  • John Norum – guitars
  • John Levén – bass
  • Mic Michaeli – keyboards, Pro Tools programming and additional engineering
  • Ian Haugland – drums


A very raw album, perhaps the Europe’ strongest one. This “raw” nature has been argument of discussion between fans. Someone loves it, some others hate it. A video for the single “Always the pretenders” has been also recorded.