Start From The Dark

  1. Got to have faith

    Start from the dark (2004)
    Start from the dark (2004)
  2. Start from the dark
  3. Flames
  4. Hero
  5. Wake up call
  6. Reason
  7. Song No. 12
  8. Roll with you
  9. Sucker
  10. Spirit of the underdog
  11. America
  12. Settle for love

Line up:

  • Joey Tempest – vocals, acoustic guitars
  • John Norum – guitars
  • John Levén – bass
  • Mic Michaeli – keyboards
  • Ian Haugland – drums


Start from the Dark departs from the glam metal genre and featured a more modern sound compared to Europe’s previous albums. This is the “comeback” album and the first one of the Europe’s era. It got position #2 in the swedish chart in 2004. A couple of video have been recorded: Got to have faith and Hero.