Face The Truth

Face The Truth (1992)
Face The Truth (1992)
  1. Face the Truth
  2. Night Buzz
  3. In Your Eyes
  4. Opium Trail
  5. We Will Be Strong
  6. Good Man Shining
  7. Time Will Find the Answer
  8. Counting on Your Love
  9. Endica
  10. Still the Night
  11. Distant Voices

US version includes two live bonus tracks: “Free birds in flight” and “Don’t believe a word”, a Thin Lizzy cover.


  • John Norum – Guitars, lead and backing vocals
  • Glenn Hughes – Lead vocals
  • Peter Baltes – Bass
  • Henrik Hildén – Drums
  • Joey Tempest – Vocals on “We Will Be Strong”
  • Billy White – Rhythm guitar on “Time Will Find the Answer”
  • Mikkey Dee – Drums on “Distant Voices”
  • John Schreiner – Keyboards
  • Andy Lorber – Additional backing vocals

Notes: To promote the album in Europe, where John was mainly known for his connections to the original Europe’s line up, he decided to record a video for We will be strong, duetting with Joey Tempest on vocals.