Total Control

Total Control (1987)
Total Control (1987)
  1. Let me love you
  2. Love is meant to last forever
  3. Too Many Hearts
  4. Someone Else Here
  5. Eternal Flame
  6. Back on the Streets
  7. Blind
  8. Law of Life
  9. We’ll Do What It Takes Together
  10. n Chase of the Wind
  11. Wild One (bonus track)


  • John Norum – Guitars, lead and backing vocals,


  • Göran Edman – Lead vocals on “Love Is meant to Last Forever,” “Eternal Flame” and “Back on the Streets”, backing vocals,


  • Marcel Jacob – Bass guitar


Guest Musicians:

  • Per Blom – Keyboards
  • Peter Hermansson – Drums
  • Micke Larsson – Fretless bass on “Too Many Hearts”
  • Mats Lindfors – Backing vocals on “Law of Life”
  • Max Lorentz – Hammond organ on “Law of Life”

Notes: John recorded two videos to promote his first solo album. Let me love you and Back on the streets. A third one – Love is meant to last forever – was recorded during the tour.