Sweden Rock Festival 2013

Last Saturday has been a day to be remembered for a long time. Europe played at the Sweden Rock Festival 2013 in front of a big crowd to celebrate 30 years of career. They played some songs from the latest albums as well as some old tracks.

The show has been photographed and recorded by Patric Ullaeus and a new DVD is coming this fall, according to what Ian (Haugland) said yesterday on radio.

Set list below:

  1. Riches to rags
  2. Firebox
  3. Not supposed to sing the blues
  4. Scream of anger
  5. Superstitious
  6. No Stone Unturned
  7. New Love in Town
  8. In The Future To Come
  9. Paradize Bay (first time since 1989)
  10. Girl from Lebanon
  11. Prisoners in Paradise (first time since 1992)
  12. Always The Pretenders
  13. Drink and smile (acoustic)
  14. Open Your Heart (acoustic)
  15. Love Is Not The Enemy
  16. Sign of the Times
  17. Start From The Dark
  18. Wings of Tomorrow
  19. Carrie
  20. Jailbreak (Thin Lizzy’s Cover, played with Scott Gorham on stage)
  21. Seven Doors Hotel
  22. Drum Solo
  23. The Beast
  24. Let The Good Times Rock
  25. Lights Out (UFO’s cover with Michael Schenker on stage)
  26. Rock The Night
  27. Last Look At Eden
  28. The Final Countdown

Watch the press-conference below: